Real World Flying

I, like a lot of simulator pilots, am unable to afford to learn to fly for real.  However that doesnt mean I have to completely miss out.  Within my immediate family we have a very bright 16 year old who has joined the Air Cadets and is aiming for a career in the RAF while training as a doctor.  This has been his career goal for a few years now and he has started to realise his ambitions by paying for his first 5 flying lessons himself.  As this amounts to some 600 pounds stirling and he has saved the money hes earned from delivering newspapers and his pocket money, he can only be admired.

Last week he took his first lesson.  I was consigned to waiting around for his return.  Today (6th June 2008) that changed.  While he was out in a Cessna 150, his girlfriend, my partner and myself went up in the clubs C172.  The plane, G-BTMR is about to have a full re-paint and be re-registered G-HULL in honour of Hull Citys promotion to the premiership,

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