Online Status

Back in July 2009 I purchased a copy of FS Flight Keeper v3.01 by Thomas Molitor I did so because I am hopeless at manually recording the details I need for my pilot reports (pireps). The advantage of software like FSFK is it interfaces directly with Flight simulator and does all the hard work for you. It can also serve as a much more detailed logbook.

That however is only half the story.

FSFK can also be configured to provide ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing And Reporting System). Useful within FS as it provides all sorts of info via an add on gauge but is even more impressive when feeding data to a web site. That is to say while flying in FS data from the flight can be published online providing anyone the opportunity to view how the flight is progressing.

I have to admit itís taken me ages to get my head around setting this up even though the free SDK for VAís (available from the authorís website) provides working examples.

Having got it running - and assuming Iím using FSFK when flying - there are  two feeds to this site every minute. One sends the latest ACARS info.  visible on the Live ACARS page and the other an in-flight screen capture - visible on the Air TV page. From the live ACARS page you can also access a Google Map showing the flight as it progresses.

Another function of FSFK is the ability to upload PIREPs to a web site. Using  this function you can see details of my previous flights on the PIREPs page. These include jpg files showing the flight route, weather, taxi  routes (both origin and destination) together with the vertical and  approach/ILS profiles. Given the amount of space these images take I  may delete them from older reports from time to time.¬  I thought they were fun though and you might enjoy them!


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