For me, the joy of any hobby is in sharing.  Although the anti-social hours of my flying may mean I  cannot use online ATC as much as I would like to, it does not mean I do not enjoy the contact of others who do.

  • Virtual Airlines
    One way of doing this is by joining a Virtual Airline.  There are dozens out there to choose from. Theres a huge list on
    The AirNet Web Site.
  • VATSim
    Probably the best known online flying community.  For some its popularity is its strength, for others its weakness.  While I wouldnt like to put anyone off giving it a go, I would suggest that you avoid the major airports unless you are comfortable with SID and STAR procedures.  If you dont know what these are, Id advise you fly in and out of smaller fields for now.  As your experience increases, so will your knowledge.  Try a Virtual Airline (see above), many offer training programmes, an excellent way to improve.

  • IVAO
    International Virtual Aviation Organisation to give it its full name.  There seem to be two sites laying claim to the organisation.  Ive no desire to get involved in the whys and wherefores of this,  Ill simply provide links to the sites and you can take it from there. 

    IVAO.Aero is the second big name amongst the online flying community. This is the preferred community organisation amongst fellow JHB pilots and controllers.

  • IVAO Org (Appears inactive for online flying)

    As I said earlier, the  joy of any hobby is sharing.  The beauty of AVSIM is the huge resource library  created by flight sim enthusiasts who are willing to share their work. Usually for free.  But AVSIM is more than that, there are flight sim related reviews,  forums, and an online store.

  • FS2004 Freeware Scenery List
    Looking for scenery to enhance that next flight?  Then the
    FS2004 Freeware Scenery list is one of my favourite resources.   While the site includes some links for route planning and obtaining charts, its primary goal is to provide links to freely available scenery world wide.  The site conveniently divides these down by country making searching for that particular piece of scenery a doddle.

  • Peter Dowsons Utilities
    and WideFS are two utilities essential to me.  Their purpose and use is best explained by the author himself on his site

  • For those who have difficulties setting up router or modems to allow Port-Forwarding (a necessary evil for online gaming) then  is a superb resource that may provide the answers you need to configure your system.

  • Peter Dodds flightstick
    Ever fancied building your own Flightstick cheaply?  Heres how Peter Dodds a member of the UKs CIX VFR flying club built his
  • Contact  Me
    As I have said several times now, the joy of any hobby is in the sharing.  I am only too happy to communicate with other enthusiasts. Be aware  though, I filter all my e-mail and any contact should be sent as plain text  only. All HTML mail and any other mail with unexpected or unsolicited  attachments will be automatically deleted. I am sorry to have to take these  precautions but thats the way things are heading in todays society.
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